Saturday, August 22, 2009

wood-fired pitcher

I am proud to announce Patti, my coworker at SCPT, bought this pitcher as a birthday present to herself. She plans on using it as a vase and putting black eyed susans in it. Happy Birthday Patti and thank you for supporting my artistic endeavors!

I have gotten a lot of comments about this pitcher which I fired in the Worcester Center for Crafts woodkiln in 2007, and exhibited at my solo show at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery this summer. People immediately appreciate the shell texture pattern on the base, and the grip divot for the thumb to sit in as the pitcher is poured. I agree that these features are nice, and I also agree with a lot of people who wished it would be bigger (more functional for sitting on the table and being used every night as a water pitcher).

So, since I found out Wednesday that my new position as wood kiln assistant at Harvard Ceramics will enable me to participate in 3 wood-firings during the first two weeks of November, I figured I should try making around 10 more of this style, just bigger. Harvard has a nice soda kiln I hope to be firing in also, which has similar effects on the clay and glazes.

Visit to if you wish to get to know the kiln I will be taking care of. The guy who built it also has a great website:


  1. Congrats on the new job! More pics of the pitcher, please, especially close-ups of the details you describe.

  2. looks awesome Kate, how big is it? hard to tell from a picture.