Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pottery for Sale in Cyberspace

I have begun the process of documenting the stock of pottery I have so that I can make it available for purchase over the internet.

Please visit to browse my pottery.

Petals Installation in Chelsea Cafe

Worcester Public Library: Petals Installation on a Display Case, 2008

Tomorrow I am installing some petals at Chelsea City Cafe, just 20 minutes from my new studio at Harvard.

This is an interactive installation so if you are in the area and would like to interact, I encourage you to visit the cafe and add to the installation!

In a collaborative twist, when I suggested to the curator that windows were a great surface to attach my petals to, he asked me if I would bring some or if I wanted him to put some up. So my petals will be installed on some windows that he puts up on the back wall of the cafe, a new and exciting place for the petals to multiply and expand out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tea Sets

This is an image of the first complete tea set I ever made. I made it during a hand-building class with Ginny Gillen in 2008. On Labor Day weekend I fired the set in Louise Harter's wood kiln in Connecticut.

So far I have exhibited this tea set at The Art of Dining show at the Krikorian Gallery and Change it as you see fit at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery. I have also offered it for sale at my studio sales. Yet, it seems that no one has been interested in creating a permanent relationship with this tea set. Perhaps it is just too small: the cups are like Italian espresso cups, and including the little loop at the top, the teapot is just 5" tall. But this is not a tea set for the thirsty, this tea set presents the opportunity to share, for a short moment, a pause from the bustle of daily life. I like to start small, and this is just the beginning of my journey into tea sets.

Next Wednesday I will start my first class at Harvard, The Contemporary Teapot Knows No Bounds: Through slide presentations, surface treatment, hand-building, wheel-throwing, and altering forms, this class will prepare me to take on the challenges of designing and integrating parts: lid, spout, handle and body in an effort to push limits and transform the teapot from functional vessel to sculptural object.